Additional functions of a steam shower

23/09/2014 00:00

People are not usually satisfied with what they have. In some way, there is always something which could improve our existing possessions. That's why there are improvements and extras being offered in most products. This is especially evident in electronics such as smartphones where firmware enhancements are propagated every couple of months. Also, add-ons are produced such as phone printers, camera lenses and signal boosters. These are all devised to be able to help improve customer satisfaction.

The same holds true for steam showers. While it's feasible to buy a steam shower all packaged up, there are a few shops that sell bare-bones packages. This means that the sale only includes the item alone without any added functions and accessories. Selecting bare-bones would give one more influence as to what features the shower will have.   The following are a few of the features that are commonly added.

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Steam Heat Controller

Everyone positively knows what a thermostat is and just how it functions. Simply put, this additional function works similar to a thermostat. Its job is to keep the temperature within the steam shower at a standard rate. Why is this needed? One decent reason is that every individual has his or her own taste. A temperature of 50 degrees Celsius may possibly be fine for you but for somebody else, it might not be warm enough. With this set up, the user is able to keep it at the level he likes. That way, nobody will complain about the temperature being too warm or too cool for his preference.

Steam Timer

Ideally, steam sessions need to only be anywhere between 20 to thirty minutes. Going over this range is harmful for the skin. Most users think that they won’t forget the time.   However, this is certainly not the case in real-life scenarios. Its a prominent reality that lots of users fall asleep part way through their sessions. This is because the surroundings are  extremely comfortable making the person sleepy and at ease. Even if there is a clock in the bathroom, you are going to undoubtedly forget to glance at it and aim on unwinding instead. A great method to solve this is to set your smart phone or alarm clock to alert you. However, a steam timer accessory will be better at the task. Deep sleepers will in no way notice the alarm clock after all. The timer functions by instantly shutting off the steam when time is up. This is great as you can continue to doze off inside the steam shower without the need to fret about turning it off.

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LED lighting

There are a bunch of showers that have set aside room for extra lights. This is a perfect place to install LED lights. Because the steam shower is powered up by hooking it into a power outlet, it'll undoubtedly have extra power for these LEDs.  Why LEDs? They're quite luminous despite their tiny size Likewise, they consume very little power. One can even go ahead and stop utilizing the bathroom lights when one has these in place.